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www.cardactivation.citi.com – Citi Bank offers you a number of ways in which you can activate your Citi Bank Card. All the options are easy to follow and you can select the one which fits you in the best way. Card activation is the most important step because your Citi Bank Card will be of use only once you activate it successfully.


www.cardactivation.citi.com – Get Offer

Before you start with the activation procedure, there are certain things that you need to remember like having your card number, passcode, bank ID, card expiry date, security code, and also your personal details like your name, address, as well as a phone number.

The Citi Bank Card offers a great number of benefits as soon as you activate it. You will get to earn cash back, rewards, points, and a great number of deals when you shop using your Citi Bank Card. If you have received your card and are willing to activate it, this article will help you in every step. All the different procedures and detailed steps to activate your card have been listed ahead.

Online Activation

The online world has become a part of daily lives and hence what better option can you get than being able to activate your card from the comfort of your home? The steps leading to your Citi Bank Card activation are pretty simple to follow. Everything has been listed below to help you with card activation.

1.Go on the official website of Citi Bank to start with your activation journey.

2.An empty box will appear on your screen. You have to enter your password and login ID in this box www.cardactivation.citi.com.

3.You can now click on “My Profile”.

4.You have to select the option saying “Activate Card” and then choose the name as well as the type of your Citi Bank Card.

5.Once you finish all the steps, you will get a notification from Citi Bank confirming your card activation. Your Citi Bank Card will soon be activated.


Activation via Phone

In case you fail to activate your Citi Bank Card using the online method, you can always switch to activating your card using your phone. Follow all the steps that have been given below to complete your activation procedure.

1.You need to make a call on 1860-210-2484. This will help you reach the customer care service of Citi Bank.

2.An auto-generated voice will tell you the steps to activate your card. Listen to all these steps carefully in order to complete your card activation process.

3.You will have to give some personal details along with your card details. Make sure that you keep all the information handy.

4.You now have to agree to the terms and conditions laid by Citi Bank. 

5.You have reached the last step and your Citi Bank Card will soon be activated.

Activation using Mobile Application

Another easier option of activating your Citi Bank Card is through the Citi bank mobile application. All you have to do is follow the steps that have been mentioned below to complete the activation procedure.

1.You will have to download the Citi Bank mobile application from PlayStore or AppStore. It is free of cost and you can do so easily.

2.You can now launch the mobile application on your smartphone and then log in to it using the correct ID and password.

3.As soon as you log in to your account, you will get an SMS regarding your card activation on your registered mobile number. 

4.Your Citi Bank Card will be activated in a short duration of time.


Activation by SMS Of www.cardactivation.citi.com

Activating your Citi Bank Card by SMS is also possible and you can easily do so. Follow the different steps that have been given below to complete your card activation procedure.

1.You will have to send an SMS to Citi Bank regarding your card activation request.

2.As soon as you create the card activation request, send it in the form of a message on 6058.

3.As soon as you complete all the steps that have been mentioned, you will receive a notification from Citi Bank telling you about your Citi Bank Card activation completion.

To sum it up, there are many ways in which you can activate your Citi Bank Card. The wide range of ways helps you to activate your card in the most hassle-free way. Even though the activation procedure is so easy, there can be times when you come across some problem. In such a situation, give a call to the customer care service and ask the Citi Bank representative to help you in the activation procedure. Someone will surely help you in whichever way possible.

Your money will always be safe with Citi Bank. However, you too need to be very careful and not end up giving your card details to anyone or upload your card information on suspicious sites. These are the hub of financial frauds and you wouldn’t want to be a victim of one. In case you do end up losing your Citi bank card or if your card gets stolen, contact anyone in charge immediately and get your card blocked. This will save you money. You can easily apply for a new card and receive it within a few days.

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Q1) How can I use my Citi Bank Card?

A1) You can make use of your Citi Bank Card to make purchases and then earn discounts, cashback, points, and innumerable deals.

Q2) How can I activate my Citi Bank Card?

A2) Activating your Citi Bank Card is an easy affair. You can use many different ways to go about the activation procedure. You can activate your card through the online platform, by SMS, via phone, or by using the Citi Bank mobile application.

Q3) Do I need to register my mobile number with Citi Bank?

A3) Yes, you need to have a registered mobile number with Citi Bank if you wish to activate your Citi Bank Card via phone or by SMS system.

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